Teens need yoga just as much as kids!  With all the stress of school, tests, college applications, personal and social lives teens barely have enough time to rejuvenate and let out stress.  Yoga is great tool to not only allow teens to unwind and de-stress but to also stretch, exercise and breathe.
Sean has been able to bring yoga to teens in several different ways.  Through teaching classes at studios, private classes and group classes for sports teams.  Teens have walked away with the knowledge to not only practice yoga and mindfulness on their own but to also apply it to their everyday stress-filled lives.

Below you will find class descriptions and types of classes Sean is able to provide to teens.

kids 10-12 2

Yoga for Preteens (Ages 9-12)
  Help build strength and flexibility with more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences. Promote self-confidence, awareness and control. Visualization and breathing exercises are used for overall balance and concentration, which can be applied toward everyday situations. Partner and group poses are emphasized. Age appropriate yoga games are included in every class.  Class is 60 minutes.

Yoga for Teens (Ages 12 – 18)- Perfect for teenage boys and girls, the teenage years offer a time where the body changes physically and mentally.  New busy schedules, life changes and decisions can confuse and even stress teens out.  Yoga offers teens a way to find stability and acceptance in their ever changing lives.  Class will utilize yoga postures to build inner and outer strength as well as flexibility.  Using partner and group poses, playful yoga games, breathing exercises, balancing poses and deep relaxation teens can build a healthy relationship with their bodies.  Class is 60 minutes.

(Photo of Varsity & JV Baseball players practicing yoga)

Yoga can also be a great tool for all athletic and academic organizations in middle and high school!  Sean has brought yoga to several sports teams, with more of a focus on stretching and strength training, as well as academic clubs, with specific focuses as well, to help teens reach their full potential. 

Contact Sean if you would like more details on how to bring yoga to these teens HERE.