Over the past 10 years Sean has personally seen how yoga can impact and make a difference in a child’s life!  Parents and kids of all ages have both shared with him how the benefits of yoga have helped them live a happier life.  Yes even Kids and Teens have a stressful life!

Yoga is beneficial to children of all ages!  Kids and Teens encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts on a regular basis.  Yoga can provide children of all ages breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures that can be incredibly valuable for them. Plus yoga is something children can practice anywhere and that the breathing, the concentration, the poses, and the way kids learn to act or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness.
builds self-esteem and self-respect.

There are many areas where kids benefit from practicing yoga.  Here are just a few:
*It Enhances Physical Flexibility   *Refines Balance and Coordination
*Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection
*Develops Focus and Concentration   *Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence
*Reduces stress, anxiety and anger.

Below you can explore all of the wonderful classes and events Sean can provide to kids and teens.  Sean has brought yoga to kids all all ages to studios, school’s, birthday parties, athletic teams and more! 

Kids Classes

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Teen Classes
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