Hello world!

Hello world!

I am extremely honored and grateful that I have made it to a point in my yoga career that I am able to have a website!  As my career continues to grow I want to share with the world everything that I have learned, experienced and created while continuing to teach.

My main purpose in having this site is to reach a bigger community of people who are interested in yoga for adults, teens and kids.  While I continue to grow as a yoga instructor I want to inspire others to start or continue their yoga practice.  I believe keeping your practice new and challenge is the best way to build a better mind, body and spirit.

As a yoga instructor I am always challenging myself in creating workshops and classes, for adults and kids, that can cultivate the above.  I enjoy finding new and unique ways of bringing yoga to adults and kids.

I am again grateful to be at this point where I can share what I love to the world!  Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer!

On the pages you will soon, as my site is only 60 minutes old, find my weekly class offerings, special workshops and community events for adults and kids.  I will also be creating a blog to share photo’s and thoughts I have on the yoga community.

Until my next blog….. Namaste

Sean Fraser

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