Below is a detailed list of all the workshops and class series Sean offers.
Sean is also always open to creating new workshops and class series!

*Mindful Yoga & Breath Series – This 10/12 class series is based off of the Mindful Yoga Therapy series.  Students explore their breath and reconnect with their body through mindful yoga sequences and breath work.  This series has helped members of the community and Veterans who suffer from PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, addiction, trauma and more.

*Chakras, Yoga & Meditation – Thru Vinyasa yoga and meditation the 7 class series will help teach students about each chakra and bring balance.  Each class will focus on a specific chakra with specific asana, breathe, meditation and mudras to balance out out energy and chakra.

*Beginners Yoga Series – This 5/8 class series is the perfect class series for those new to yoga and for the experienced yogi.  Each class has a specific asana focus and students will learn modifications and variations to poses that provides a personalized practice for their body.  Students also explore their breath and meditation.

*Asana Focus Workshops – These workshops provide the student with a specific focus to allow maximum growth in knowledge and physical growth.
Asana groups include: Bakasana/Arm Balance, Inversion & Backbends.

*Rocket Yoga Breakdown – A breakdown of the popular Rocket Yoga class series.  Students will experience a class set-up similar to Rocket yoga with time to learn about specific poses and possible modifications.

*Charity Yoga – Raise awareness and money for a non-profit or charitable organization.

*Club Yoga – Energetic Yoga practice paired with modern day ‘non-traditional’ music.  Past playlists include: Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Beyonce, Journey, Justin Timberlake, Adele and more.


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