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Yoga for Adults, Teens & Kids!

Thank you for visiting my yoga page.  My goal as a yoga instructor is to bring yoga to everyone!  I have current weekly classes and workshops for adults, teens and kids.  It is my belief that everyone in any body can do yoga.  Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes.  It is about the willingness to move, explore, and becoming mindful of your body while challenging yourself. 

Kids and teens of all ages also benefit from yoga as well.  It is my goal to teach kids and teens all the tools and benefits yoga offers while empowering them to use it in their everyday lives.  By exploring my page you can read and see all the benefits of yoga for kids, teens and adults!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to explore my webpage and I hope to see you in a yoga class soon.  I am grateful that I am at a place where I can share my passion with the world and have it all located on one place!

Please feel free to contact me by using the ‘Contact’ tab or emailing me at hello@seanfraseryoga.com.  I am willing to answer any questions you have about my yoga classes, workshops and events or even creating something new.  


Namaste – Sean Fraser


Sean is now teaching Kids Yoga at
Pure Prana Yoga Studio in Alexandria, VA! 

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